Monday, April 3, 2017

Yo Yo Yo What's up everybody?

This is my new companion, Elder Taylor. He's from San Diego, California, so he's not perfect (he's not from Utah), but he's aight...JUST KIDDING, HE'S AWESOME! We've been hitting the pavement in Parker's Landing and this week was good.

We got a big challenge from our mission president to get a 20 percent increase in the work from last year and so we had some pretty big goals this week, but so far we've been hitting them! It's been really good. We found 5 new investigators, 5 Elder? ("7" says Elder Taylor), 7 new investigators here! The works really picking up. We're not sure how many of those 7 are solid, but we've met with a couple of them and one of them, Tiffany, is super awesome! She let us teach her the first lesson and we gave her an assignment in the book of mormon and she's got a young family so we're excited to teacher her! We've got Jonathon. We've been teaching Jonathon since before I got here, but he's awesome. How long have you been teaching him Elder Taylor? ("3 months" says Elder Taylor). And he's going good. How old is he? ("17) So we're excited for Jonathon. We invited him to watch the priesthood session and we're gonna follow up to see if he did because he had family over so he couldn't attend with us.

But Conference was the bomb! It's like the super bowl for missionaries! And Tommy Monson's like the quarterback! hahaha I'm just throwing out analogies here left and right. But conference was awesome! We had a lot of those investigators watch conference and we were really texting them and pushing them to watch it and so we've got to follow up this week and see if they did and what they got out of it. I always love conference! They focus a lot on missionary work so it definitely pumped us up.

We sent you a video of us on a hike today. We were on a raft. That was a real raft. We didn't fake it. We got permission from president. (smiling face, big eyes;) Anyway, this week was the bomb! I love you family. We're gonna get back to pday and hope you have a good week!

* videos won't open in safari, but should work great in Google, Explorer, Firefox, or any of the other internet browsers. Enjoy the goofiness of Elder Taysom!

These crazy elders sat on rocks next to the river to film this award worthy reenactment of river rafting!

Elder Taysom found this costume in the lost and found at the church.

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