Monday, June 19, 2017


Shout out to my dad for always being there for me and getting me out on a mission. I love you pops and just want to thank you for putting up with my crap for 19 years haha! 

So this week was transfers! I will forever miss the Parker's Landing Ward! On Monday and Tuesday we went around and said goodbye to all the members and investigators. There are so many awesome people in that ward that I am really going to miss! 

BUT...... I LOVE MY NEW WARD. THEY ARE SO MISSIONARY MINDED!! Oh and my new comp Elder Brown is awesome! He's 20 years old. He's from Idaho and he's been out on his mission for 20 months now. I have already learned a lot from each him and he's just a stud. Elder brown and I have had a full week going around to all the members and investigators just introducing the new missionary in the ward.....AKA me haha. 

I like the new zone I'm in. There's not many hikes or lakes to go fishing in here but  hey we can always just ball it up at the stake center. Oh so things about my zone, Elder Cook (my MTC comp) is my new zone leader and he lives in a 4 man apartment with Elder Finley (my other MTC comp) so when I go on exchanges with the zone leaders I could be rooming with both of my old MTC companions haha! It's a long shot but it would be so fun. 

My new apartment is pretty nice. It's not as nice as my last apartment but it's still one of the better ones in the mission. Elder Brown and I live with 2 other Elders, Elder Glover and Elder Smith. They are awesome and Elder Smith is a brand new missionary. He's been out for 5 days now. We have been playing pranks on him all week haha. Like on Wednesday (his first day out in the field) I called all the missionaries into the kitchen and then I said "I'll say the prayer" and Elder Smith asked why we were saying a prayer. So we explained to him that we pray over all the food in the whole kitchen once a week because we don't have time to bless every single meal. We have been doing little things like that all week haha! He's a cool kid and is a good sport about the whole thing. 

Oh and the pictures I sent are of me and some members in the Parker's Landing Ward when I was saying goodbye to them all. The cool picture with the car is Elder Brown and I. We were just walking to this lady's house and I saw that cool old Packard in the driveway so I said to Elder Brown "let's go ask him if we can take a picture with his car and then see if he wants the gospel" haha Well, he didn't want anything to do with the gospel but he sure was happy to take pictures of us in his car. 

Well that's all I got for this week. I know this church is true and I know I say that a lot but my testimony just keeps growing and growing on the truthfulness of this gospel. I know that our loving Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate and distinct beings. I know that god has always worked through prophets and always will. I know this great gospel brings peace and happiness and it is our job as missionaries and members to bring others unto Christ to help them feel of the great peace and joy this gospel brings. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Love elder Taysom

Monday, June 12, 2017

What's up y'all!

This week was interesting. We had a lot of service again and had a lot of member lessons with the ward. We are trying to get around to every member of the ward and just share a quick 5 minute spiritual thought because of our last zone conference. Elder Lawrence from the 70 came to our mission and taught us how to reach our goal of 50 baptisms per month as a mission. It's a pretty lofty goal because we normally only get about 25, but when Elder Anderson of the 12 came to our mission about 2 months ago he said we could double our baptisms per month and get 50! So Elder Lawrence pretty much just told us how and he said it's going to be through the members. He challenged us to visit every member of our ward and ask them to pray for 2 things, number 1: pray for missionary opportunities, and number 2: pray for the mission to reach their goal of 50 baptisms per month. He also wanted us to challenge our friends and family at home to do the same....... so JUST DO IT ✔️ haha I know with everyone asking for missionary opportunities and praying for our mission to get to 50 baptisms, we will see miracles. We just started visiting members to give them this challenge this week and we already have 5 new referrals. It works and I know this is an inspired plan and if we can get everyone behind it, we will have no problem with reaching our baptismal goal of 50. 

Oh and I almost forgot, we got TRANSFER news this week. I got transferred and will be leaving Parker's Landing and heading over to the McLoughlin Ward. I'm really going to miss a lot of people here in the Parkers Landing Ward! I honestly wasn't expecting to get transferred but hey if the Lord needs me somewhere else then I just need to accept that everything happens for a reason and go with a smile. So next week I will be in my new area and my new comp will be Elder Brown. I'll tell you all about it next Monday, love you all and have a great week. 

Love Elder Taysom

Elders Valentine, Taylor, Cook, Packer, and Taysom
(all of Tanner's comps so far in chronological order right to left)


Monday, June 5, 2017

Hey y'all it's yo boy Elder Taysom here!

This week was the bomb, we started our week out by going mountain biking and fishing on P-day. It was so fun to get out and enjoy the nice weather and catch some fish. Oh some updates on our investigators, Richard True CAME TO CHURCH!!! He said it was the spiritual boost he needed and loved it. David was out of town this week for his grandmother's 100th birthday so we are meeting with him next Wednesday. Please keep them in your prayers, we are going to try and put both of them on date this week.

Something cool that happened this week, Elder Valentine and I met with a guy named Wilber and he's 89 years old and he is just awesome! We talked to him for a long time and went over the restoration with him and he seemed really receptive to the first vision account. We invited him to church but he said he was pretty grounded in his church (southern baptist). So I asked him if we could go to church with him this Sunday and if we came that he would come to our church the following Sunday. Well we went and its was..... well interesting, I definitely had a lot of fun haha. Pastor Tim welcomed us with open arms and prayed over us, it was a pretty cool experience haha.

Well sorry that all I got for this week, I know the church is true! I know that God has always worked through prophets and he always will. I know that the priesthood is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. Love you all and have a great week.

Love Elder Taysom

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Hey y'all! 

Hope everyone is having a bomb Memorial Day, GO USA ! 

This week was just awesome! Elder Valentine and I started out our week stopping by every one of our new investigators and just setting up a time we would come back and do service for them. Well it went great, Jerry invited us back for a BBQ and to help him set up a pool he just bought for his kids and it was awesome! He asked us a bunch of questions about the temple while we were helping him set up the pool, and now we have a temple tour set up for him and his family in 2 weeks. 

We also got together as a district this last Saturday and went around to members and just random people outside doing yard work and offered to mow their lawns or just do anything that they needed. Well it worked a lot better than we thought because we spent the whole day in service clothes haha. 

We raked some lady's leaves, we helped 2 people move, we painted someone's barn and stacked a lot of wood. It is so rewarding to go around and offer small acts of service and see the joy it brings people to do something as small as bringing the garbage can in or doing there dishes. 

Our savior is our perfect example and all he ever did was serve others. I know that not all people are receptive to the gospel until they have been shown love, and that through your service, you care about them outside of a church setting. I know this church is true and I know that "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." - Mosiah 2:17   

I hope you all have a great week! 

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hey everyone, it was so good to see all your faces last week for Mother's Day!

  This week was pretty awesome! We had a lot of miracles. So we started the week out by visiting a bunch of less actives in the ward. We stopped by Virginia, she's in her 70s and lives alone with her pet bird. She has the biggest John Wayne movie collection I've ever seen because she said he reminds her of her dad. Virginia hasn't come to church in over a year and we prayed to be able to get through to her to know why. Well prayer always works but I didn't expect it to work that fast because when we walked in she said "boys I want to go to church but I don't want to take the buses". So we called up a member nearby and now she has a ride to church every Sunday. So that was definitely a miracle for the week and we had another one that happened just two days ago on Saturday. 

We got a new investigator named David. Elder Valentine and I were walking past the library in our area and stopped to listen to some homeless people that had formed a band and were playing music for spare change. Well we sat there for about 5 min just listening to these guys play and just started talking to people about the gospel because there was a small crowed gathered around. We talked to David and he recognized we were missionaries and asked if he could come to church with us. He from Tennessee he's in his low 30s and is a pro bass fisher and he actually came to church this Sunday!!!!! It was so sweet! He had a bunch of questions that we answered during the whole meeting and then during one the the hymns, he asked us about baptism. We asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said YES! So keep David in your prayers as he works towards baptism these next couple of weeks. 

Well that's about it from me for this week.  I know this church is true and miracles still happen today. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that the message we as missionaries and members share is a message of hope and love. I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Love Elder Taysom

Oh and the video is me and Elder Valentine playing some high schoolers in some B-ball.... We kicked their butts haha We were just walking by and asked them if they wanted to play us and then we beat them and now we're like super good friends with a bunch of them! We are starting up a basketball night at the church so they don't have to play on the sucky asphalt!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Hey y'all 

Hope everyone had a great week. It's finally starting to warm up here in Washington so that probably means it's about 100 degress in St.George haha. 

Well I loved this week! Elder Valentine and I started out our week by having a lesson with the twins. We ran into a road block with them. We went over the law of tithing and their mom did not like the idea of the girls giving up 10% of their money even though they don't have jobs. So we are hoping to study up and try and address their mom's concern in our next lesson. We also had a lesson with Richard this week. We went over the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so strong. We are now working on getting him to church this next week. And we picked up this new family named the Stricklands. They are super solid and we have a lesson set up next week with them so just keep them in your prayers. 

So that was just a quick update on all the people we are working with right now. The work in our area is picking up and I'm supper excited for the Parker's Landing Ward! Oh and last Saturday, Neil L. Anderson visited our mission and he gave us some great council. It was so awesome to hear a prophet of the Lord encourage us to do better and complement us at the same time. So that was definitely a highlight of the week! Oh and I went fishing last Monday. Sorry to let you down dad. We didn't catch anything, but it was still way fun. 

Well that's really all I've got for this week. I can't wait to see you all on Mother's Day and I love and miss you all. 

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hey family!

Happy 4-20 and happy birthday to my second mom Sandi Imlay! Hope you all had a great week! So this week was just awesome! I got a new comp because my last comp broke his leg. So I am now with Elder Valentine and we have been doing great. 

We started the week out by going to visit a lot of less actives then towards the middle and end of the week we just tracted a bunch. We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Richard this week. He let us in finally and we went over the restoration. We then talked to him about the Book of Mormon and what it means if it's true. We then asked him "What would you do if you came to find out this book is true?" He said " Well I guess that would mean I would need to be baptized by that proper authority" so we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it so I hope to be sending good news about Richard next week. 

Oh something cool we did today, our zone did a competition against all the other zones and we won so today we got an all day P day and we went with president to the beach! It was so awesome! We went to Cannon Beach and that's the beach where they filmed Goonies! It was so much fun and I'll make sure to send a bunch of pics. 

Well sorry this email isn't that long but I'm still loving it out here and I'll email y'all next week!

Monday, April 17, 2017


Wow what a week! haha This week was pretty crazy but fun. Elder Taylor and I started our week out by knocking on 1000 doors just trying to find someone to teach. We legit biked so much this week! Like my legs are getting so fit haha. But after knocking out like 3 apartment complexes we found Richard. He's like 55 and he has some form of cancer. He talked to us for a while and said he was really wondering what happens after this life and so we taught him a little bit about the plan of salvation and set up an appointment to come back. So I will keep you posted on Richard because he is super solid. Then towards the end of the week is when everything just went nuts.

So our investigator Tami, in my last area, got baptized last Saturday and they invited me back for that baptism. I'll talk a little bit more about that in a sec, but Elder Taylor and I were looking at all the bus schedules so we could bus down to Portland because we don't have a car. Anyway the baptism wasn't until 2:00 so we had time in the morning to bring our investigator Jonathan go play ultimate frisbee with the priests. So we went and we were having a grand time until Elder Taylor jumped to block a pass and came down on his ankle funny. So elder Taylor went down and his ankle swelled up really big so I drove him to the ER to get an X-ray and it turns out he spiral fractured his fibula. So now Elder Taylor has to go get a hard cast tomorrow for 3 months and he's not allowed to put any pressure on it. So yeah keep Elder Taylor in your prayers. I called President to let him know what was going on and he said Elder Taylor is probably going to be transferred to an area with a car so he can get around, so I might have a new comp the next time I email. But other than that the week was great.

I went to Tami's baptism and the spirit was so strong. It was so good to see her surrounded by the ward making her first covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. It definitely got me in a good mood going into Easter Sunday! We should always remember Jesus Christ and it's something we covenant to do each week when we partake of the sacrament but it's nice to have a specific day to remember that our Savior completed the Father's preordained plan to redeem us from our fallen state. Knowing that Jesus Christ rose again and overcame death brings me so much peace and joy. Like it says in 2 Nephi 9:10 O how great the goodness of our God, who prepareth a way for our escape from the grasp of this awful monster; yea, that monster, death and hell, which I call the death of the body, and also the death of the spirit."

I don't know about you but death and hell doesn't sound very fun to me haha. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world and I love this Easter season that reminds us to keep our Savior in our thoughts and actions at all times. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Taysom


Monday, April 10, 2017

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a good week! Elder Taylor and I have been working hard in our new area. The work is a little slow here so we prayed and asked that we would find some new people to teach. We then knocked out like 2 apartment complexes and found 3 new people to teach and have return appointments with all of them.

We are also teaching a pair of twins that are doing awesome! The missionaries have been teaching them before I got here and they are on date for baptism for the 29th of this month. So we are so stoked for that as well! Oh and the weather here is just awesome! The sun finally started to show up here. We did have a crazy wind storm earlier in the week that blew a bunch of trees down, but other than that, the weather was great.

Oh so crazy story time...Elder Taylor and I were just knocking doors and this guy answered the door and started cussing us out, then he open the door and all of his little kids ran out the door at us and they were all naked! Elder Taylor and I just ran because we didn't wanna touch any of these naked kids and look like pedophiles! haha Then the guy called the cops and so Elder Taylor and I just biked back to the apartment as fast as we could.

Well that's all I got for this week the church it true and I love serving in the red white and blue!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Yo Yo Yo What's up everybody?

This is my new companion, Elder Taylor. He's from San Diego, California, so he's not perfect (he's not from Utah), but he's aight...JUST KIDDING, HE'S AWESOME! We've been hitting the pavement in Parker's Landing and this week was good.

We got a big challenge from our mission president to get a 20 percent increase in the work from last year and so we had some pretty big goals this week, but so far we've been hitting them! It's been really good. We found 5 new investigators, 5 Elder? ("7" says Elder Taylor), 7 new investigators here! The works really picking up. We're not sure how many of those 7 are solid, but we've met with a couple of them and one of them, Tiffany, is super awesome! She let us teach her the first lesson and we gave her an assignment in the book of mormon and she's got a young family so we're excited to teacher her! We've got Jonathon. We've been teaching Jonathon since before I got here, but he's awesome. How long have you been teaching him Elder Taylor? ("3 months" says Elder Taylor). And he's going good. How old is he? ("17) So we're excited for Jonathon. We invited him to watch the priesthood session and we're gonna follow up to see if he did because he had family over so he couldn't attend with us.

But Conference was the bomb! It's like the super bowl for missionaries! And Tommy Monson's like the quarterback! hahaha I'm just throwing out analogies here left and right. But conference was awesome! We had a lot of those investigators watch conference and we were really texting them and pushing them to watch it and so we've got to follow up this week and see if they did and what they got out of it. I always love conference! They focus a lot on missionary work so it definitely pumped us up.

We sent you a video of us on a hike today. We were on a raft. That was a real raft. We didn't fake it. We got permission from president. (smiling face, big eyes;) Anyway, this week was the bomb! I love you family. We're gonna get back to pday and hope you have a good week!

* videos won't open in safari, but should work great in Google, Explorer, Firefox, or any of the other internet browsers. Enjoy the goofiness of Elder Taysom!

These crazy elders sat on rocks next to the river to film this award worthy reenactment of river rafting!

Elder Taysom found this costume in the lost and found at the church.



Monday, March 27, 2017

Hey everyone! 

It's me Elder Taysom. Hope y'all had another great week, I know I did. So transfers were this week and I am now balling it up in the Parker's Landing Ward. I love it here already mostly because we have the 2nd nicest apartment in the entire mission, but also because we already have 2 new investigator and 2 twins on date. I'm super excited to get things moving again in this ward. 

Anyway we have 2 new investigators! We met them at the skate park down the hill from our apartment and that's how we met Austen and Dillan. They are best friends and came over and started talking to us and started asking us a bunch of deep questions. We said we would love to answer all of their questions but we had an appointment to get to so we set up an appointment with them to meet up and go over the discussions. So we are super pumped for that next week. 

It's really funny because our area is really small so we get to know like everyone in our town. Oh and something cool about our ward is we have president Anderson in our ward! He's a member of the mission presidency and he is so good at motivating us and hooking us up with a bunch of food. 

Well that's all I got for this week. Sorry it's not long but I'll send a bunch of pics to make up for it. 

Love Elder Taysom 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone! 

Hope y'all were wearing green. This week was awesome, we had a bunch of appointments with our investigators. Not much has changed with all of them since last week but keep praying for Robyn, Sarah, Tami, Donald, and Ieda. They could all really use your prayers right now. But other than that it was just another great week as a missionary. 

Oh we got transfer news this week, I will be leaving sunnyside and heading over to Parkers Landing in the Vancouver East Stake and my companion will be Elder Taylor. Elder Taylor is awesome! He was in my district a couple transfers ago and we are going to do some great things in Parkers landing. I'm going to miss sunnyside though. The ward here is just awesome! There are so many families I have grown to love and I will miss them so much. I have tried to take as many pictures with the families and investigators we have been working with as possible. I have seen my testimony grow so much here in these last 4 transfers and I know the sunnyside ward is where the Lord needed me at this time. 

I just hope I did all I could to build his kingdom in the short 6 months I've been here. At times I've have felt overwhelmed with all the work I see that has need to be done but as always my spirits are lifted as I turn to the scriptures. As I was reading in Alma 37:6 when Alma is talking to his son Helaman about keeping a record of his people, he said (6 Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.) This scripture hit me so hard. I know and have a true testimony that our best is enough, but only our best. I think President Uchtdorf said it best when he said, "May we always remember this profound lesson: that we are banner bearers of the Lord Jesus Christ, upheld by the Holy Spirit of God, faithful and true to the end, each one devoted to give our all to the cause of Zion and bound by covenant to stand close together and lift where we stand." I read this talk and that scripture in Alma the same day that I was questioning my effectiveness as a missionary. I know God answers prayers and he did so to me through his appointed mouthpieces. This gospel has eternal consequences and there is no greater work over bringing salvation to God's children. 

I feel like I'm preaching to the choir but I do know this is where I'm supposed to be and if we all "lift where we stand" and give our all through small acts of faith, there will be "great things brought to pass". 

I love you all and hope you have a good week! 
Love Elder Taysom

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey Family!

It's me and Elder Read here. We're just getting ready in the apartment to go proselyting, but we've got a few minutes so I thought I'd send you a video letter. This week was good. We had Robin on date but we've got to work with her a little more before she's ready for the promise of baptism so that will be a little bit. Tammy has moved her date back, for a good reason, but we're excited for Tammy. We're about ready to go to a lesson with Sara! We're gonna go out with the Zabaldo family. We're gonna go get some food and then have like a family home evening with her and so that will be super exciting.

Elder Read, what else?

"Why is he so good at basketball? He broke my ankles."

(Tanner dabs:) What can I say ya know? I thought it ran in the family, but then I watch my older brother Carter play basketball....hmhm (shaking his head). I think Dal's got it, but not Carter. hahaha Just wanted to roast ya!

This week we did a lot of service like we went and chopped some branches when I was on exchanges with Elder Packer, we went to the bishop's storehouse and do a lot of work there every week...a lot of walking. Sara, her apartment is on this side of the area, and we're over here on this side of the area. Here's our map of the area. Point where Sara lives, now point where we live. Yeah so it's a long ways, and we make that walk like twice a week. But that's ok its good for us! It's getting me thinner and I need to lose some weight, but...

Donald, he's awesome! We're still working with him and I love Donald! He invite us to a Blazers basketball game and I asked president if we could go, but that one got shut down quick...pquoo! haha

Umm I don't know...we're just having fun out here! Transfers are coming up and I'm probably getting transferred. I talked to president in my last interview and I was like, do you think I could slip you a twenty dollar bill and I could stay in Sunnyside for another transfer, and he was like, "How long have you been in Sunnyside?" And I was like, "six months" and he said, "Oh no you're leaving". So it's not a guarantee, but I guarantee I'm leaving, so that will be super sad, but I guess it will be good. I love a lot of families here! But anyway, that's our week! I love you all!