Monday, July 31, 2017

Howdy y'all 

What a week! So transfers were on Wednesday and man things were hectic haha President thought it would be a good idea to assign me to be a zone leader and we had to get everyone in their assigned cars and get all the luggage to the right place, get all the new missionaries in the zone keys to their apartments and make sure all the greenies got to the New Missionary Orientation meeting. 

Then we got to my new area and we went straight to planning for 5 hours trying to plan the next District Leader Council meeting, zone companion study and the zone breakfast held by the stake. We had an early meeting the next day called Mission Leadership council for another 4 hours haha. It was a little stressful but fun for the most part. I got to see my trainer Elder Packer at that MLC meeting. It was so awesome to see him again and talk catch-up! 

The rest of the week was a lot less stressful so that was good. We actually got to get out and proselyte haha, The ward members here are awesome! They are so missionary minded and most of them actually talk to their neighbors about the gospel instead of saying they will and forgetting 2 seconds later haha. My new companions are so awesome! I knew them both from Portland and we are killing it as a tripanion-ship. 

Oh something cool that happened this week, we have a 17 year old girl named Leslie who is investing the church right now and we wanted to challenge her to pray every night and day because she doesn't really have a relationship with God. Well before the lesson we texted the whole ward before we taught Leslie asking them to pray specifically for Leslie to recognize the spirit when we teach her about prayer. Well it worked.... the lesson went great and before we could challenge her to pray every morning and night, she said - I would love to focus on prayer before you elders come back next week for our lesson. Haha my jaw almost hit the ground. I know prayer works and if we humble ourselves before the Lord and ask him for help and we do our part and do everything we can, he will make up the difference every time. 

I love you all and love this great gospel! Have another great week - 

yours truly Elder Taysom

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