Monday, February 27, 2017

Hey family!

Sorry I'm writing so late. We went on a hike today as a zone (it was more of a nature walk). haha So we are on our drive back from our pday. Elder Read's asleep. Wake up! haha

Anyway, this week was awesome! What did we do this week Elder Read? ("Uh, we had zone conference"). We had zone conference. We had a new investigator at church yesterday. We spoke in church and we did a boss job. We were spitting fire from the pulpit. Especially Elder Read! I thought we were going to have to call the fire department.

We did a lot of service this week, especially for Toni. She's always calling us for service. What else happened? Oh yeah, ET happened this week, (emergency transfer) so Elder Packer has a new companion. ("Hi") Don't look back! He's driving so he can't look back. And there's Elder Packer ("Hey!") Yeah this week was really fun. We had some good sunshine this week so that was nice! ("Amen to that!") Yeah we had like 2 days of sunshine! And look at my skin! I'm getting pasty white and it's not good! My tan is gone! We've got to answer this call so we're leaving. Bye

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Hey Family!

Whats going on? I'm at the stake center playing some basketball. This week was awesome! This week we started out with Valentine's Day. That was interesting! We got flashed, that wasn't fun, haha but we had a lot of solid lessons with our investigators. Sara is progressing well toward her baptismal date, and we're starting to reserve the church for that, so we're getting excited for that! On Wednesday we went down and baptized one of Elder Read's converts he had in his last area, so we took the train down to Vancouver, so that was super fun. Other than that it was a really regular week. We've just been walking our tails off.

I'll show everybody what we do on P-days. We just come around and play basketball. Here's the zone. Let's go introduce you to some people...Say whats up ("He's a baller") You hear that? I'm a baller. We've got my Elder Hall here. This is the zone. We've got ping pong players, the zone leader Elder Davenport. Everybody's having fun. I'll go interview some more people. There's my dad, Elder Packer. Say hi to the family. ("Hi family"). We've got Elder Busiaca, Elder Block, and we've got the gaming crew. Then we've got Elder Astle. We've got Elder Brownly and that's pretty much the whole zone. Then we've got the sisters. You want to say hi? None of the sisters like to be in the videos. Anyway, don't do drugs, the church is true, and I love you all!

Tell Carter to get engaged. ("Who's Carter?") He's my older brother. He's got a girlfriend, and I don't think he realizes that he's probably not going to find another one. haha J/K Yeah put a ring on it quick! haha Um that's all we got. Thanks fam!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Hey everyone!

 Happy Valentine's Day...... Well tomorrow but close enough! This week was crazy fun. Our Stake decided to change the Ward boundaries around and our mission president had told us of the changes that were going to happen like 2 weeks before they announced them to the ward members. We knew the changes were going to be really minor but for some reason all the member thought they were going to count off 1 2 1 2 on every other house just to break up the ward haha. So that made fast and testimony meeting pretty interesting last week, haha Everyone was going up to the pulpit to say goodbye because all of them thought they were going to be moved to a different ward when in all reality they only cut 2 streets out of the entire area. My favorite testimony by far was by Brother Madjeski. He realized how ridiculous everyone was being so he got up and said: " brothers and sisters this is ridiculous, the church is like McDonald’s, if you go get a Big Mac at the McDonald’s on 82nd and you go get a Big Mac at the McDonald’s on Division...... the Big Macs will be the exact same. Trust me, I've had them both"  haha I've never heard of that analogy before but it's so true!

Oh and Elder Packer got transferred back to Portland and he is now my District Leader! So we will be seeing each other at least twice a week now. He is in the Cherry Park Ward and because of the ward boundary changes, his area is now a little bigger than ours so we had to give him the car and we are back to walking! But it's all good. I love walking! We get to talk to a lot more people and get to know the area better.

Oh some people to be praying for are Sarah, Wayne, Idea and Luis. They are our main investigators right now and they are all trying to gain a relationship with our Father in Heaven so please be fasting and praying for them. Other than some solid lessons with those investors, nothing else really happened this week. Just a lot of finding and going to visit a lot of perspective elders.

Oh something crazy that happened at church yesterday, this guy came in the building like 10 min before sacrament meeting started and he started clapping his hands really loud to get everyone’s attention and then he yelled " I have been sent here by God to tell you all the Joseph Smith was a pervert" He was standing right in front of me when he yelled this so Brother Took and I, ( by the laying on of hands) showed him the door. Haha so that was a little different. Sorry I don't really have a miracle story this week but just know the church is true.

Love Elder Taysom  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hey Everybody!

It Elder Taysom here. We are doing laundry right now in the apartment right now. This week was awesome. I'm sending a video again cuz I've got Taysom thumbs and I hate typing. This week was awesome! What would you say, Elder Read, was the best thing first?

"Um Zone Conference" says Elder Read.

Oh yeah, we had Zone Conference. President McAteer did an awesome job in coordinating that. It was a really good conference. He's doing Zone Conferences once a transfer, so we're going to have those a lot more often. And I REALLY like Zone Conferences.

Our investigators, Sara, Wayne, Donald, Rebecca, Kris, and Luis are all doing really good. They're all  of our investigators on date so keep them in your prayers cuz they need help. Sara moved her date up an entire month cuz she really wants to be baptized so she's shooting for March 8th now and she is doing awesome! We're really excited for her!

I never really talked about our temple trip. That was my bad. But we went to the temple. It's a BEAUTIFUL temple. It's awesome. We had a really good day. We went as a zone and it was a really good time. I definitely miss going to the temple. It was really fun.

One of the elders in our zone, a spanish elder, Elder Grasinger, is going home tomorrow. He's served his full 2 years and I'm going to miss him a lot!

We got transfer letters yesterday and I'm staying here for another 6 weeks. So me and Elder Read are going to be balling it up here in Sunnyside! My dad, Elder Packer, he's coming back to Portland. He's coming to area that's kind of close to our's. It's called Cherry Park, so I'll get to see him this Wednesday! So I'm excited to see Elder Packer again.

Oh yeah, we killed a cat. We were moving some hoarder guy, throwing away a bunch of crap, and we found a cat in his house and it ended up dying. We put it in a cage and then left it at a member's house. We were going to come pick it up the next day, but it died and all of his daughters went to go look and see the cat and it died an hour later, so all his daughters were crying. I felt really bad haha. Anyway, I've got to end the video cuz they can only be like 3 minutes long, so I'll see you guys later. Bye!