Monday, February 20, 2017

Hey Family!

Whats going on? I'm at the stake center playing some basketball. This week was awesome! This week we started out with Valentine's Day. That was interesting! We got flashed, that wasn't fun, haha but we had a lot of solid lessons with our investigators. Sara is progressing well toward her baptismal date, and we're starting to reserve the church for that, so we're getting excited for that! On Wednesday we went down and baptized one of Elder Read's converts he had in his last area, so we took the train down to Vancouver, so that was super fun. Other than that it was a really regular week. We've just been walking our tails off.

I'll show everybody what we do on P-days. We just come around and play basketball. Here's the zone. Let's go introduce you to some people...Say whats up ("He's a baller") You hear that? I'm a baller. We've got my Elder Hall here. This is the zone. We've got ping pong players, the zone leader Elder Davenport. Everybody's having fun. I'll go interview some more people. There's my dad, Elder Packer. Say hi to the family. ("Hi family"). We've got Elder Busiaca, Elder Block, and we've got the gaming crew. Then we've got Elder Astle. We've got Elder Brownly and that's pretty much the whole zone. Then we've got the sisters. You want to say hi? None of the sisters like to be in the videos. Anyway, don't do drugs, the church is true, and I love you all!

Tell Carter to get engaged. ("Who's Carter?") He's my older brother. He's got a girlfriend, and I don't think he realizes that he's probably not going to find another one. haha J/K Yeah put a ring on it quick! haha Um that's all we got. Thanks fam!

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