Monday, July 31, 2017

Howdy y'all 

What a week! So transfers were on Wednesday and man things were hectic haha President thought it would be a good idea to assign me to be a zone leader and we had to get everyone in their assigned cars and get all the luggage to the right place, get all the new missionaries in the zone keys to their apartments and make sure all the greenies got to the New Missionary Orientation meeting. 

Then we got to my new area and we went straight to planning for 5 hours trying to plan the next District Leader Council meeting, zone companion study and the zone breakfast held by the stake. We had an early meeting the next day called Mission Leadership council for another 4 hours haha. It was a little stressful but fun for the most part. I got to see my trainer Elder Packer at that MLC meeting. It was so awesome to see him again and talk catch-up! 

The rest of the week was a lot less stressful so that was good. We actually got to get out and proselyte haha, The ward members here are awesome! They are so missionary minded and most of them actually talk to their neighbors about the gospel instead of saying they will and forgetting 2 seconds later haha. My new companions are so awesome! I knew them both from Portland and we are killing it as a tripanion-ship. 

Oh something cool that happened this week, we have a 17 year old girl named Leslie who is investing the church right now and we wanted to challenge her to pray every night and day because she doesn't really have a relationship with God. Well before the lesson we texted the whole ward before we taught Leslie asking them to pray specifically for Leslie to recognize the spirit when we teach her about prayer. Well it worked.... the lesson went great and before we could challenge her to pray every morning and night, she said - I would love to focus on prayer before you elders come back next week for our lesson. Haha my jaw almost hit the ground. I know prayer works and if we humble ourselves before the Lord and ask him for help and we do our part and do everything we can, he will make up the difference every time. 

I love you all and love this great gospel! Have another great week - 

yours truly Elder Taysom

Monday, July 24, 2017

What is up everyone!

Hope y'all had a great week. This week was awesome! We had an awesome district meeting on finding people and I think it really pumped us all up to get out and do more. We talked about our mission's goal of 50 baptisms per month and we are probably going to miss our goal by like 8 baptisms this month but that is still the most this mission has ever had! When Elder Anderson of the 12 came and challenged us to get 50 he said he knew there were 50 people out there that are truly searching and are ready to enter the waters of baptism, so all we have to do is find those 50! Hopeful we can get it next month.

After that district meeting Elder Brown and I decided we needed to find someone who is ready to be baptized and we prayed that we would be lead to them. Well we then started looking through our area book and came across a couple names that stood out to us. One of those names was Shayna. Shayna had been taught by missionaries before but she was not keeping commitments. We decided we needed to visit her and set up an appointment. Well long story short she said we could come back Wednesday so we did. We had one of the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission on the plan of salvation and then we asked her if she would be baptized on Augustus 19th and she said YES! Now comes that sad part. We got transfer news this Saturday and I'm getting transferred. I am going to the Fishers Landing ward in the Vancouver East stake. I'm supper bummed to be leaving McLaughlin and I will miss the people here so much! I know a little bit about the Fishers Landing ward just because I've been on exchanges there with the Zone Leaders and the members seem like they're down for missionary work so I'm excited. Oh haha and my new companions will be Elder Brown and Elder Anderson. There are 3 Elder Browns in our mission and so I'm just trading one Elder Brown for another. My new Elder Brown was my first district leader in Portland and I have always looked up to him as a missionary! My other companion Elder Anderson was in my district in Portland and we are like best friends so this next transfer is going to be a lot of fun!

Well that's all I got for this week, I love you all and keep the faith!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, July 17, 2017

Hey Fam!

Hope y'all had a great week. I'm going to start out this letter by just coming out and saying PENELOPE GOT BAPTIZED! It was so awesome! There was a bunch of friends and family there to support her and we had the opportunity to teach the restoration to a bunch of non members, it was just great! We even got a Priest in the ward to baptize her. He has been preparing for a mission so we thought it would be a good opportunity for him to baptize someone right before he leaves on his mission. Oh and Penelope's mom was in tears during the whole thing and she set up a time to go to the temple with us because that is something sister Ruff is trying to work towards. 

I love the temple so much! We were challenged by our stake president to get as many people to the temple as possible so Elder Brown and I had 4 temple trips set up this week. They were all so awesome! We got to see the new video released by the church about Oliver Cowdrey's perspective of the translation of the Book of Mormon. I would definitely recommend watching it if you haven't had the chance. 

One of our temple tours was with a 21 year old recent convert named Christine. Her family situation isn't the best and she has a lot of bad influences in her life right now. The sister missionaries at the temple taught her about baptism for the dead and she started crying. She  explained that she had a grandmother she was super close to that had passed away a couple years ago. Well long story short, she loved the temple and can't wait to go do baptisms for the dead. 

Well that's all I got for this week I love you all! The church it true and I love it!

Love Elder Taysom


Monday, July 10, 2017

What's good y'all! 

Sorry I didn't write last week, we were out like all day as a zone so we didn't have any time to email, so I'll try and make up for the last two weeks in this email. 

Well we started our first week out by finding Penelope. She is 10 years old and she lives with her grandma sister Ruff, but we just call her mom because sister Ruff doesn't like when we call her grandma haha. Sister Ruff has been a member of the church for most of her life, but she has been less active for a number of years now. Elder Brown and I decided to pay them a visit and we sat down and talked for a while and Sister Ruff just went on and on about how much she loves the church and the impact it has for the youth. We asked her if she would like to get Penelope involved in the church and she instantly said yes and explained that she would like her to be baptized as well. We wanted to say yes right then and there, and discuss a date for baptism, but we had been instructed 2 months earlier my our mission president in one of our zone conferences that we should not baptize a minor unless their parents are active. So elder brown and I explained to her that we would love for Penelope to be baptized but that she would have to become an active member of the church first. She actually took it really well and said she had been wanting to come back to church but just never had the push necessary to do so. Well long story short sister Ruff and Penelope have come to church these last 3 week and Penelope will be entering the waters of baptism July 15th!!!!! We are so stoked for Penelope! She has loved coming too and has made a lot of friends in primary. She was a little scared when we mentioned she was going to go all the way under the water but once we took her to another baptism in the zone, and she saw how quick it was, she got excited and hasn't stopped talking about her baptism this Saturday haha. So I will let you know how that goes next week:) 

Then we had the 4th of July and it was so fun! President said it was an all day P-Day from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM., so Elder Brown and I lived it up. We started the day out by going to Walmart and buying some sweet USA T- Shirts so we would look good for the Zone BBQ at 1:00. Then after the Zone BBQ we went around to a bunch of members and ate at their BBQs and just messed around and played basketball. Then to finish off the night we got a super rich member from my last area to come pick us up and watch fire works from his house. He lives on the top of a mountain that looks over most of Portland, so we saw a lot of fireworks. 

The Next day we had our Zone Temple trip! I love the temple so much! It was so nice to just feel of the peace in the house of the Lord. Our mission president challenged us to go to the temple with questions and promised they would get answered if they were sincere. It was such a cool experience to have all my questions answered and to just feel of the calmness that comes with the temple. 

Then at the end of the week we had a fun zone activity where we put up this huge sign on the front of this freeway overpass that said "FREE BOOK OF MORMON AT NEXT EXIT". We had the rest of the zone handing out copyies of the Book of Mormon to all the cars stopped at the next exit. It was so fun and we handed out like 50 copies. 

Well, that's a wrap on my week. I love it out here and I can feel my Savior's love stronger and stronger every day as we strive to bring others unto him. I know that he lives! I know he wants to help us! I know that he can help us, as soon as we are willing to change. Jesus Christ challenges all men to be better, so that they can feel true happiness. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Love Elder Taysom