Monday, March 27, 2017

Hey everyone! 

It's me Elder Taysom. Hope y'all had another great week, I know I did. So transfers were this week and I am now balling it up in the Parker's Landing Ward. I love it here already mostly because we have the 2nd nicest apartment in the entire mission, but also because we already have 2 new investigator and 2 twins on date. I'm super excited to get things moving again in this ward. 

Anyway we have 2 new investigators! We met them at the skate park down the hill from our apartment and that's how we met Austen and Dillan. They are best friends and came over and started talking to us and started asking us a bunch of deep questions. We said we would love to answer all of their questions but we had an appointment to get to so we set up an appointment with them to meet up and go over the discussions. So we are super pumped for that next week. 

It's really funny because our area is really small so we get to know like everyone in our town. Oh and something cool about our ward is we have president Anderson in our ward! He's a member of the mission presidency and he is so good at motivating us and hooking us up with a bunch of food. 

Well that's all I got for this week. Sorry it's not long but I'll send a bunch of pics to make up for it. 

Love Elder Taysom 

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