Monday, March 13, 2017

Hey Family!

It's me and Elder Read here. We're just getting ready in the apartment to go proselyting, but we've got a few minutes so I thought I'd send you a video letter. This week was good. We had Robin on date but we've got to work with her a little more before she's ready for the promise of baptism so that will be a little bit. Tammy has moved her date back, for a good reason, but we're excited for Tammy. We're about ready to go to a lesson with Sara! We're gonna go out with the Zabaldo family. We're gonna go get some food and then have like a family home evening with her and so that will be super exciting.

Elder Read, what else?

"Why is he so good at basketball? He broke my ankles."

(Tanner dabs:) What can I say ya know? I thought it ran in the family, but then I watch my older brother Carter play basketball....hmhm (shaking his head). I think Dal's got it, but not Carter. hahaha Just wanted to roast ya!

This week we did a lot of service like we went and chopped some branches when I was on exchanges with Elder Packer, we went to the bishop's storehouse and do a lot of work there every week...a lot of walking. Sara, her apartment is on this side of the area, and we're over here on this side of the area. Here's our map of the area. Point where Sara lives, now point where we live. Yeah so it's a long ways, and we make that walk like twice a week. But that's ok its good for us! It's getting me thinner and I need to lose some weight, but...

Donald, he's awesome! We're still working with him and I love Donald! He invite us to a Blazers basketball game and I asked president if we could go, but that one got shut down quick...pquoo! haha

Umm I don't know...we're just having fun out here! Transfers are coming up and I'm probably getting transferred. I talked to president in my last interview and I was like, do you think I could slip you a twenty dollar bill and I could stay in Sunnyside for another transfer, and he was like, "How long have you been in Sunnyside?" And I was like, "six months" and he said, "Oh no you're leaving". So it's not a guarantee, but I guarantee I'm leaving, so that will be super sad, but I guess it will be good. I love a lot of families here! But anyway, that's our week! I love you all!


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