Monday, March 6, 2017

Hey fam! 

Hope all is well back home! This week was just awesome! We got 2 full days of sunshine and it's finally starting to warm up a little. We also did a lot of work with our investigators. Some updates on our investigators.... Sarah our investigator on date for baptism for March 8th is still awesome. She is progressing so well but she doesn't feel like she's ready for baptism which sound like a bummer, but I'm glad she's honestly seeking truth and wants to know more of the doctrine before she promises to live and keep it. Our other investigator Robyn (that we have been working with for a long time) finally decided to come to church! She loved it and said she felt peace while she was there. She now wants to be baptized on March 18th because that's her 3 year anniversary of the day she decided to be drug and alcohol free. 

The last investigator I wanna talk about is a new investigator we got this week. Her name is Tami and she is just awesome! She got introduced to the church by her husband who is a member, Brother Harris. They got married about a year ago and when they got married she knew he was a Mormon and she told him "I don't want you to push your religion on me, I go to the Catholic Church and you go to the Mormon church, that's it" Well obviously that didn't really work out because over the past year brother Harris taught Tami little by little about the church through his example. Well finally brother Harris invited her to church and she had a great time! She has been coming for the past 5 weeks and when Elder Read and I gave our talks in church last week about member missionary work, she felt like she needed to be a member missionary by inviting herself to take the discussions haha. So she came up to us in church and said " Hi I'm sister Harris. I'm not a member of the church but I would love to learn more. I signed up on the dinner calendar to feed you this Wednesday. Would you be willing to teach me more after we eat?"  Elder Read and I almost didn't believe it because that like never ever ever ever happens haha. I wish that's how missionary work went haha! Anyway, the lesson was awesome and the spirit was so strong as brother Harris bore his testimony to his wife. She is now preparing herself to be baptized on March 25th. I'm so excited for them and would love to see them sealed in the temple one day. I will probably be leaving Sunnyside on the 22nd, but it will be nice to come back with my new companion for the baptism. 

Well that's all I got for this week. I would like to bare my testimony that I know the Book of Mormon is true! I had no idea of the importance of the Book of Mormon and what roll it plays in testifying that Jesus is the Christ. It wasn't until recently, that I discovered why Joseph Smith proclaimed it to be the key stone of our religion. It is physical proof that we have modern prophets, that the first vision did happen, and that priesthood authority has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. Anyone who fulfills Moroni's promise can know of the same truth. 

Well that's all from Elder Taysom this week. Tune in next week for more ....... if you want I guess 

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