Monday, January 23, 2017

Hey Fam!

We’re over at our favorite member’s house. We’ve got Toni cooking for us. Say hi Toni.

“Hi…And I better his favorite!” (says Toni)

Haha she is our favorite! We love Toni! Right now we’re just eating dinner. Me and Elder Read have had a good week. We’ve been teaching a lot of people. We’ve made a lot of progress with Donald. He’s still wanting to be baptized. We hope to put some other people on date here either tonight or tomorrow night. Their names are Sara and David so be praying for them. We’re excited for them! Oh yeah, we went to the temple, that was awesome! We get to go every 6 months so that was our 6 month marker so that was awesome. It’s really pretty.

We had interviews with President. Love President, he’s awesome! We had zone meeting and I always love zone meeting. We have a really good zone here in Portland. Everybody wants to come to Portland. I’m trying to think what else… Oh we went ice skating last P-day. That’s kind of why we didn’t email, because there was no wifi there. But that was a lot of fun. I think I sent some pictures of that.

This Donald Trump thing is crazy! All of Portland is in riots I swear!
“You can tell them that my grandson and my son in law both are police officers and had their hands full Friday and Saturday” (says Toni)
Yeah so Toni’s got a grandson who is a police officer and he’s had his hands full the last couple of days because of it. We’ve got some interesting personalities here in Portland. Keep it weird.

Well that’s all from Elder Taysom. Love you all, bye

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