Monday, January 2, 2017

"Hello Everybody! We started this new video thing cuz my new companion told me about it. So I kinda got lazy typing so I just make a video and send it. So this week was awesome. I got Elder Read. Tell them who you are."

"I'm Elder Read. I have been on my mission for about 14 months. I'm enjoying it and I get to spend a little bit with your son/brother (whoever this is going to). I get to bust him into mission life. So it should be fun. I'm from Layton, UT, so up north, a little different from down south. But yeah, that's a little about me."

"And he's a stud. He didn't tell you that. This week was awesome. The first day Elder Read got here in Portland, in Sunnyside, we were going to an investigator's house, and Elder Read got bit by a dog. Show them your leg. So he got bit by a dog, and I don't know if you can tell, but it just latched onto him his first day here in Sunnyside. Just a flesh wound. So yeah that's how Elder Read's first day was here in Sunnyside."

"It's Portland, it's weird."

"And this week was super solid. We went and taught a new investigator we have. His name is Don Zimmerman and we love Don!

"He's awesome! Super solid."

"So we met him through a DI referral, he works at the DI, and they referred him over to him, and we've been teaching him. He's accepted baptism, January 28th, and we're super pumped! That's gonna be exciting. And we're gonna go to the temple here soon cuz it's Christmas time and we get to go every 6 months, so we're pumped for those two and it's been a good week. We've been going around to a lot of less actives trying to clear up their records cuz Elder Read is a pro. He's been out over a year so he's teaching me how it's done. Yeah, we're having a good time here in Sunnyside."

"Me and Elder Read went and picked him up a hammock today. I brought him to the light side! We're having a good time. We've been slacking on morning workouts but its big anyways (flexing arms:), but we'll pick that up soon."

"It was good to see you all on Christmas and I loved all your faces. Hope you had a happy New Year.

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