Monday, June 12, 2017

What's up y'all!

This week was interesting. We had a lot of service again and had a lot of member lessons with the ward. We are trying to get around to every member of the ward and just share a quick 5 minute spiritual thought because of our last zone conference. Elder Lawrence from the 70 came to our mission and taught us how to reach our goal of 50 baptisms per month as a mission. It's a pretty lofty goal because we normally only get about 25, but when Elder Anderson of the 12 came to our mission about 2 months ago he said we could double our baptisms per month and get 50! So Elder Lawrence pretty much just told us how and he said it's going to be through the members. He challenged us to visit every member of our ward and ask them to pray for 2 things, number 1: pray for missionary opportunities, and number 2: pray for the mission to reach their goal of 50 baptisms per month. He also wanted us to challenge our friends and family at home to do the same....... so JUST DO IT ✔️ haha I know with everyone asking for missionary opportunities and praying for our mission to get to 50 baptisms, we will see miracles. We just started visiting members to give them this challenge this week and we already have 5 new referrals. It works and I know this is an inspired plan and if we can get everyone behind it, we will have no problem with reaching our baptismal goal of 50. 

Oh and I almost forgot, we got TRANSFER news this week. I got transferred and will be leaving Parker's Landing and heading over to the McLoughlin Ward. I'm really going to miss a lot of people here in the Parkers Landing Ward! I honestly wasn't expecting to get transferred but hey if the Lord needs me somewhere else then I just need to accept that everything happens for a reason and go with a smile. So next week I will be in my new area and my new comp will be Elder Brown. I'll tell you all about it next Monday, love you all and have a great week. 

Love Elder Taysom

Elders Valentine, Taylor, Cook, Packer, and Taysom
(all of Tanner's comps so far in chronological order right to left)


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