Monday, June 5, 2017

Hey y'all it's yo boy Elder Taysom here!

This week was the bomb, we started our week out by going mountain biking and fishing on P-day. It was so fun to get out and enjoy the nice weather and catch some fish. Oh some updates on our investigators, Richard True CAME TO CHURCH!!! He said it was the spiritual boost he needed and loved it. David was out of town this week for his grandmother's 100th birthday so we are meeting with him next Wednesday. Please keep them in your prayers, we are going to try and put both of them on date this week.

Something cool that happened this week, Elder Valentine and I met with a guy named Wilber and he's 89 years old and he is just awesome! We talked to him for a long time and went over the restoration with him and he seemed really receptive to the first vision account. We invited him to church but he said he was pretty grounded in his church (southern baptist). So I asked him if we could go to church with him this Sunday and if we came that he would come to our church the following Sunday. Well we went and its was..... well interesting, I definitely had a lot of fun haha. Pastor Tim welcomed us with open arms and prayed over us, it was a pretty cool experience haha.

Well sorry that all I got for this week, I know the church is true! I know that God has always worked through prophets and he always will. I know that the priesthood is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. Love you all and have a great week.

Love Elder Taysom

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