Monday, October 31, 2016

What’s up everyone HAPPY HALLOWEEN 😈🎊!

The people here in Portland are already weird so when Halloween comes around things get pretty interesting haha. Anyway this week was great as always!

We even got a full day of sun on Tuesday so that was nice! Well this week we didn't have a lot of time to just go knock doors because we had a lot of lesson set up which is good. But on Tuesday we met a small family of 4 because one of our appointments canceled so we just started tracking next to the house we had our previous lesson set up with. And that's how we met the Teske family. We knocked on their door and talked to them about the Book of Mormon and testified of its truth. They then invited us in which never happens like ever!  Then they wanted to talk to us more about our beliefs and they had so many questions about modern prophets and the restoration. We than committed them to take the discussions and they accepted! So we hope to help bring the Teske family closer to Christ!

Oh and an update on Ryan and Maggie, they are coming to church every week and the ward members are doing an awesome job at fellowshipping them. We got them both a job at the DI and found them a car and a place to live. They also accepted the discussions and we hope to invite them to the pool party, and commit them to baptism soon:)

Ok funny story time, so we were going around our complex knocking on doors for a little just trying to meet some of the new neighbors. So we knocked on this random door about 3 buildings away from ours and met this named Roger. He's like 70 years old and he used to work in communications during WW2. He talked to us about all the government secrets he heard over years and how we have been visited by Aliens about 7 different times over the past 100 years. Then me and Elder Packer looked behind him and he had one of those tinfoil hats on the shelf behind him haha right next to 3 drones he bought on line like 4 months ago to get Sasquatch on film. Oh and he also has a bunch of infrared camera pictures of Sasquatch he took last week haha! We then gave him a Book of Mormon and said if you study up on the Book of Mormon, we will study up on Sasquatch and then when we come over next time we can talk about both and he accepted so I guess I better get to studying!

Well that's all I’ve got for you this week, I'm so grateful for the constant companionship of the spirit! I know that without the guidance and direction of the spirit we could not be saved. Joseph Smith said "Salvation cannot come without revelation; it is in vain for anyone to minister without it"   I know that only through the spirit can there be true conversion.

 Love Elder - Taysom

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