Thursday, September 22, 2016


The MTC is treating me good! This week has been a blast. Well to start my week off I got a package from Rocky that had a bunch of candy in it with green paper that said I was a greeny  haha so that's what all the elders in my district call me now. So thanks Rock haha!

The next day was hard. We had class all day and devotionals but they were so awesome! I'm learning so much about the gospel and how simply beautiful it is and how beautifully simple it is at the same time haha if that makes any sense! The days are getting easier now and the days don't seem as long especially when you try hard to be obedient. I have seen so many small miracles just from the blessing of being obedient. Oh and I forgot to tell you everyone in my district... we have Sister Johnson, Sister Weaver, Sister Pullan, Sister Young, Sister Gableer, Sister Laurence, and the elders are Elder Butler, Elder Moss, Elder Finley, and Elder Cook. Elder Finley and Elder cook are my comps! They are so awesome and have such strong testimonies.

Oh and something funny\awesome that happened this week was a bunch of missionaries left this week on our floor and i was walking around the night before they were supposed to leave and they just gave me a ton of food because they can't take it with them so our whole room is just packed full of junk food now! haha And I'm trying not to eat it so I don't get fat but I fall into temptation on the daily! haha Well that's it for me this week. Love you all and you can send me letters on dear elder that the MTC can print off and give to me at anytime in the week.

Love Elder Taysom

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