Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hey everyone!

This week was awesome! We got through to a lot of our TRC investigators which felt good! Me and Elder Cook got sick at the beginning of the week though but just chugged a gallon of dayquill and pushed on haha There’s no time to waste when your hastening the work!

Oh yeah and then on Tuesday me and Elder Cook got made zone leaders so that was kinda cool! Because there’s conference this week we don’t really have to plan much we just give tours to the new guys and act like we know what we’re doing haha! Then the next day was my Birthday! I loved having a birthday in the MTC because my district is so awesome! They kinda threw a surprise B-day party in the class room for me and we opened the Birthday package my fam sent me and we feasted on candy haha Oh and they made me a really cool card. It’s in one of the pics I sent and I made all the sisters wear those mustaches that came in the package!

My district is the best haha! Then the next day something really funny happened..... We woke up at 6 to go do service and when we got back to our residence the key wouldn’t let us in! I tried for 20 min to get it open and the lock wouldn’t move... so we had to call the key masters of the campus to come fix our door and it took them an hour to get there and another hour to get it open! We got a 2 hour nap that day in the hall! haha Well that’s all I’ve got for this week!

Love elder Taysom

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  1. Love seeing all the buddies at the MTC with Elder Taysom! Elder Carson Bradford and Elder "Big Jake"!!